Flexible Conduit Wiring(Metal&Plastic)

Flexible conduit Wiring Customized Services

FLEXIBLE CONDUIT WIRING is a tube designed to protect wires from damage. It uses an inner filling of wires and an outer layer of PVC/metal to act as a protective layer. We manufacture flexible conduit with great flexibility to meet the needs of not only residential wiring, but also wiring for certain specific purposes. Flexible wiring patterns have higher mechanical strength as well as flexibility, making them immune to various factors such as shock and pressure.

UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS as a professional wiring harness manufacturer, we carry out custom FLEXIBLE CONDUIT WIRING solutions for industrial commercial. Some common uses provide unique wire protection for power, communication, motor leads and other uses.

To cope with different application environments, we offer two types of conduit materials – flexible and metal conduit wiring.

Our Flexible Conduit Wiring manufacturing services WILL SUIT ALL OF YOUR NEEDS.

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Metal Flexible Conduit VS Plastic Flexible Conduit

Metal Flexible Conduit

Flexible metal conduit with spiral construction is widely used in commercial ranges, most commonly through walls and other structures, and is undoubtedly the best choice. At the same time, the metal housing offers unique protective properties, providing a tough layer of armor. For different application requirements, we produce two types of metal conduit, flexible metal conduit and liquid flexible conduit with airtightness. Meeting the needs of different environments.


Flexible Metal Conduit Wiring-Flexible Conduit Wiring(Metal&Plastic)
Flexible plastics conduit Wiring-flexible conduit pipe

Metal Flexible Conduit

Flexible plastic conduit is one of the most widely used pipe kits today, made of polyurethane, becoming more versatile. And it has good heat resistance as well as fire resistance. Due to the simple and light structure. It is widely used in various industries. Commonly chosen for a variety of demanding industry applications such as rail transportation, HVAC, and manufacturing. Meets a wide range of electrical requirements and is one of the most economical and cost effective types of conduit.

Types of conduits we produce

UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS as a professional flexible conduit manufacturer in China, has a professional design and development team as well as supporting production lines, and the conduits and harnesses we produce meet international UL, VDE, CSA and CE mark certifications, which are the most reliable quality assurance. In addition to the production of conventional metal, non-metallic flexible conduit. We also accept a variety of custom material processing. For example:


Flexible conduit manufacturing is the specialty of UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS, wire protection conduits designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to meet any specific application, we can customize the process for you. Each type of conduit is available in both metallic and non-metallic materials, so if you don’t have a clear direction on material selection, let us know and our professional engineers will select a custom conduit material for your application. Trust us, our expertise will be recognized by you!


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