Overmold Cable


Overmold Cable is a hermetic cable material that is processed using an insert/injection molding process. That is, the cable assembly and molten material are injected into a mold and allowed to cool, forming the cable into a sealed assembly. Overmolded cables are well suited for a number of low cost and high reliability cable solutions. It can handle humid environments as well as extreme environments where tight sealing is required. Provides good mechanical strength and design flexibility. Especially in the medical industry, there is also a built-in strain relief feature.

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Why choose overmolded cables?

With the current industrial development, overmolding is gaining more and more popularity due to its good appearance and functionality. The reasons for this are:

Overmold Cable-Injected wiring harness-UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS
Overmold Cable-Injected wiring harness-UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS

Overmolding materials

The common overmolding materials are PVC and TPU, but in order to cope with different environments, we also need to choose the right material according to customer needs and specific application environment. Generally speaking, PVC is the most cost effective material available:

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a common type of material that has good durability and moisture resistance. It can withstand good tension and has a wide range of uses.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is good because it resists fracture and is highly elastic. TPU is especially suitable for cold areas.

Overmolding specific process

In the overmolded cable manufacturing process, the mold resin enters the molding machine from the hopper and is mixed with different additives in the molding machine depending on the application requirements. It is injected into the mold cavity by the injection screw. And the mold itself can be customized with LOGO or part number. In order to increase the production efficiency, we will use water cooling or oil cooling to increase the overmolding rate. When completely cooled, the overmolded cable assembly is produced. To check the compliance of the cable assembly production, we also perform a series of tests. This ensures that the quality is up to standard.

Overmold Cable-Injected wiring harness-UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS
Overmold Cable-Injected wiring harness-UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS


Are you looking for a professional cable assembly manufacturer, then UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS is the best choice for you because we offer several customized services. These include:

  • Design: We design cable assemblies for a wide range of military, aerospace, and industrial applications. Provide them with professional custom cables, connectors and backshells.
  • Unique cable assembly mold design: design multi-head, hybrid, and mold strain relief molds. Meet different customization needs.
  • Appearance design: to meet the company’s various appearance needs, enhance the number, logo, numbers, letters and other requirements in one print
  • Customized molds for industry needs: manufacture a variety of interface custom cable assemblies to meet different industry-specific needs.

Start Your Overmolded Cable Assembly Project

As a professional cable assembly manufacturer in China, UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS has a very good reputation in China and even internationally. We have a professional technical development team, and we have extremely strict testing procedures for both design and production. Giving you the utmost confidence in your cable assemblies. Trust us, choosing UNIVERSAL WIRE HARNESS overmolded cable assemblies will be a perfect choice for your custom project.


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