Wire Harness And Cable Assembly

Difference between wire harness and cable assembly

Wire harness and cable assembly are often confused with each other because they both provide sufficient power supply for different devices. Having the same or similar functions, they are both components used to transmit power or signals. So much so that electrical contractors and distributors often use them interchangeably. But there are still some differences between cable and harness assemblies.

Cable Assemblies

A cable assembly is a custom cable that is designed to handle the harsh external use environment with more rugged, durable, and structured features. It is a group of cables organized together and put together using individual jacket tubes. The purpose is to keep the cables arranged in a well-organized manner. The surface appears to be a thick wire, which is more conducive to carrying out high-power power transmission.

The cable assembly has a more robust outer design and a more flexible size and shape, making it more durable for more severe environments. The special hermetic structure also resists environmental conditions such as heat, moisture, and abrasion.

Thus, it is mainly used in various external environments and has a superior protective structure to avoid damage to cables or wires, greatly reducing the potential risk of electrical short circuits to power or signal transmission due to damage to the cable line caused by various factors.

Wire Harness And Cable Assembly

Wire Harness Assemblies

Wire harness assemblies have a different electrical structure than cable assemblies and are usually custom fabricated based on the electrical geometry. A harness assembly is actually a composite structure of different cables/wires bundled together, and you can easily pull out the corresponding individual cables/wires from the harness. The main purpose of a harness assembly is not to protect the cable/wire. Rather, it is intended to be combined into a single unit for ease of use and installation at a later date.

In general, harness assemblies use smaller wires/cables for grouping and thus do not have as much load capacity as cable assemblies. The load capacity is limited by the number and size of the grouped cables.

Unlike cable assemblies, harness assemblies are not as durable as cable assemblies and cannot withstand harsh natural environments, so they are generally used in indoor environments to keep your indoor wiring neatly organized. Depending on the application, we can also add additional prefabricated components to enhance the ease of installation of the harness assembly.

Wire Harness And Cable Assembly


Harness assemblies and cable assemblies are types of products derived from different applications to cope with different environmental needs as well as load requirements. A cable assembly looks like a thick wire, with internal wires for individual work and an outer protective jacket for adequate protection of the internal cables, and can be used in various extreme environments. Wire harnesses, on the other hand, simply combine wires/cables into an integrated unit that looks like a pile of wires without adding additional protection features. Thus it is more often used in indoor environments.

Universal Wire Harness is a more economical type of wire for regular use, and combined with pre-fabricated components, makes it easier and faster to install your harness, making it a more inexpensive way to wire your home. questions, please feel free to contact us. We can provide you with the right professional advice.