Wire Harness Assemblies

CUSTOM Wire Harness Assemblies SERVICE

Universal Wire Harness provide a low-cost electrical solution designed to organize electrical wiring systems. Wire Harness Assemblies are sometimes referred to as cable harnesses or wiring assemblies. It is an electrical assembly used to transmit power and signals. Harness assemblies form a mass integrated circuit by combining multiple sets of wires in an integrated plug-in unit. Simplifying the interfacing of different wiring circuits.

Wire harnesses are often confused with cable assemblies. The main difference is that a cable assembly has only two ports, while a harness assembly has multiple branch/end connections. This enables multiple functions to work simultaneously. As a result, cable assemblies are only used in specific industries, while harnesses can be used in a much wider range of industries due to their greater flexibility.

Universal Wire Harness has extensive process manufacturing experience in the field of contract harness assembly and our service teams are ready to take on the challenge of solving even the most complex custom harness requirements. We can quickly deliver the optimum harness solution to your design or requirements and achieve volume production. We create the shortest lead times in the industry.

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As an excellent wiring harness partner in China, using our specialist wiring harness assembly knowledge, we cater for the production of a wide range of wiring harness processing requirements. Whilst maintaining high quality standards and minimising production costs.

Cable Harness Assembly Design

The wire harness design is designed to simplify the wiring connections of large components by simplifying many wires by bundling them into flat or round shapes and integrating them into the unit insertion/injection structure to achieve easy wiring docking at a later stage. Optimizes the use of circuit space.

Universal Wire Harness offers cutting-edge design capabilities to customize wire harnesses for exacting standards in industrial controls, medical, telecommunications, military, automotive and home appliances. Work with a skilled manufacturing team to achieve the perfect blend of cables, wires, and various components in the most economical way possible for the task at hand.

wire harnesses-Cable & Wire Harnesses

Once you have determined the design requirements, we will design a reasonable installation for the specific use. First, we need to design the schematic diagram, which provides the appropriate basis for later harness manufacturing. The full-size diagram provides the basis for harness manufacturing, showing all components as well as wiring requirements. The wires within the harness will be cut to specified lengths according to the design drawing. The insulation will be stripped from the ends of the wires to expose the wires, installed in the corresponding terminals or connector housings, and the wires will be connected to the pin version for the terminal power supply function. Eventually, the wires are bundled together. It becomes a wire assembly for final use in the cable.

wire harnesses-Cable & Wire Harnesses

In summary, Universal wire harness provides professional wire harness manufacturing services for a wide range of industries, commonly: power harnesses, electromechanical harnesses, industrial harnesses, and a variety of custom harnesses. We can achieve mass production, no matter how complex your wire harness needs are. We fully automate the cutting, stripping, splicing and soldering process, and we can provide efficient manual processing services to meet all custom needs.

Wire harness applications

Universal wire harness  for various industries to provide wire harness manufacturing, common industrial, telecommunications, military, medical, automotive and other industries:

  • Industrial wire harness: industrial production, the control system benefits from the development of electronic equipment to achieve a high degree of automated production. The efficient control of automated production depends on the transmission of electronic signals, and wiring harnesses play such a function. It enables the efficient transmission of signals.
  • Telecommunications: wire harnesses designed to include everything from underground cables to space satellites have a non-negligible sway and play an extremely strong role in safeguarding the transmission of our communication signals.
  • Medical: requiring special components like bio-sensitive jacks and strain reliefs our design team is able to combine the right components to be safe to the patient, useful to the doctors, and overall a great investment in patient care capability by the hospital.
Wire harness applications
  • Military: In military equipment, electronic devices face severe tests, and our harnesses are able to handle a variety of harsh environments with extreme stability.
  • Automotive: As one of the commonly used components in automobiles, the wiring harnesses are used to transmit many signals in automobiles, and thus have extremely high performance requirements, and the harnesses’ ability to withstand harsh environments perfectly guarantees the safe operation of automobiles.

Wire Harness Testing

Universal wire harness, as a professional wire harness manufacturer, has a complete riot control process for the manufacturing of wire harnesses. Before production and delivery, we use a test version test function for wire harnesses, which is pre-programmed with all electrical properties and allows for full and complete testing of individual or multiple lines to ensure high quality delivery.

Some of the specific tests include:

  • Dimensional testing
  • Functional testing
  • Stress testing
  • Failure testing
  • Stress test.
  • Continuity test.

universal wire harness component capabilities

As a professional wire harness manufacturer in China, universal wire harness offers a complete range of wire harness manufacturing services, including simple harness assembly manufacturing as well as complex integrated harness assembly manufacturing. Our wire harness manufacturing is basically IS9001 certified, ensuring the highest quality wire harness manufacturing solutions for our customers. We provide you with quality wire harness manufacturing solutions.


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